When you are making your candles and soaps don't forget the colours and fragrance oils. There are so many now in every aroma and ray of colour that you can imagine!!!!


WINTER IS COMING...little Jon Snow (GOT It really is though and it can be really harsh on our skin especially our face and hands. I realize a lot of you wear winter gloves , but you can still get the roughness of the bitter cold on them anyway, so its even better if you can keep them moisturized with creams  , also. Learning to make soap with softeners in them would make great gifts for the Holidays...

Smells great – you can choose how mild or strong you want the scent depending upon the amount of scent you add to your mixture! 
Moisturizes,  Gently Exfoliates , Cleans....Is Easy to Make
Is a Fabulous Homemade Gift                                                             


2.almond scented oil
3.goats milk


  • Place 8 cubes of Goat’s Milk Soap Suspension Formula in microwave safe bowl and melt in microwave approximately 1-1/2 minutes on high.  Tip: It melts evenly if you use a knife to cut the individual cubes instead of leaving it in a block.
  • Add approximately 40 drops of sweet almond oil soap extract    This is about a 6:1 ratio.  5 drops of oil for 1 cube of soap.  If you like a stronger scent, I’d use more drops of oil.
  • Add 1/4 cup oatmeal that has been lightly blended in blender to make grains smaller.
  • Mix ingredients in microwave safe bowl and pour into soap molds..  This recipe fills two square molds and makes 2 nice sized bars of soap.



While sitting here in my office watching the winds and rain I'm feeing so blessed and thinking about all that could have gone wrong with " monster" hurricanes brewing all over the southern seas. There has to be a message there for us, we just need to wake up and find it.
Help our neighbors get back to a normal state and help our loved ones feel secure and find their place. I think we all get our minds in a tizzy not knowing what is heading our way, but is this different than everyday life? We live day after day not knowing what is going to happen next. So be thankful and move forward and if you are breathing then you are on blessed.
When this kind of act happens it is no longer about us its about coming together and helping others. WE ARE THE PEOPLE, WE ARE AMERICA!!


This is an excellent idea for gifts for any occasion!!
The instructions seemed very easy to understand and adhere to, so I really think they would make great gift ideas....